Have you ever had a business idea, but thought it was too weird? Well, you’re not alone. There are people out there with even more bizarre ideas, and they did something about them. Here are some of the weirdest service-based businesses that are making it work.

Professional Guest Service

This ingenious business idea provides people with bought guests for any event. But most people use these services to fill up seats in weddings, funerals and conferences.

You can think of it one way of making clients look popular buy pumping life into their gatherings. The best part? Professional attendance is a low-cost business that can be lucrative if marketed right.

Professional Potty Training Service

Let’s face it; most people are extremely busy these days. They often don’t have time or the patience to potty train, and that creates a huge business opportunity.

In fact, most parents are willing to pay for a quality service that will not only look after their children but will also add value. So, if you’re already in the nanny industry, you might want to consider adding potty training to your list of services.

Snake Massage Service

If you are in the hospitality industry and looking to stand out, starting a snake massage parlour might be your big break.

Before you freak out, every snake used in this business must be nonvenomous. The serpents should also be calm in nature to avoid ‘incidents.’ What could go possibly wrong?

Meat Delivery Service

According to Orbalo, there are 4.33 billion internet users right now. And that creates numerous opportunities, including running a meat delivery service. In a nutshell, this business involves getting high-quality meat and delivering it to doorsteps. All you need is a stable source of meat, an app and a generous marketing budget to get this idea moving.